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Pregnancy and Parenting Classes

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Becoming a parent is an amazing experience. It can bring great joy and satisfaction as well as new challenges to deal with. You’ll have lots of questions if you are considering this option.

That’s why we designed our pregnancy education programs to support, educate and equip you in a safe and confidential environment. Our classes are available to single, married and co-parenting persons.

Your involvement in our Earn While You Learn classes allows you to earn certificates that can be used to purchase baby clothing, supplies, diapers, formula, and new cribs and car seats.

Be good to you by developing your parenting skills, understanding your parenting style, strengthening your relationships, and managing your lifestyle by learning how to make positive choices.

The lessons are fun, practical, and filled with interesting information. Best of all – each class is designed specifically for – YOU! Contact us today for an appointment.

Fatherhood Classes

pregnancy education - fatherhood classesPregnancy and parenting can feel overwhelming, but we are here to support you on the journey. She may be carrying the baby – but you are both parents, and the pregnancy decision to parent will affect you both. We want to equip you to be “the best dad you can be.”

Doctor Dad™ Program – Babies don’t come with an owner’s manual. But the Dr. Dad™ classes can give you essential health and safety information needed to help you care for your child whether you are married, single or co-parenting. When you complete the four classes, you will feel confident in managing your child’s nutrition; know how to comfort a crying baby, care for illnesses and injuries, and how to keep your child safe both inside and outside the home. Best of all – this program is designed specifically for you and your needs. Contact us today for an appointment.

24:7 Dad™ A.M. Program – This pregnancy education program takes a holistic approach to help a dad nurture good relationships with his children through consistent involvement and create a warm and trusting environment in which they can grow and develop. This resource also helps a dad successfully navigate issues such as discipline and co-parenting with the mother of his child(ren). Contact us today for an appointment.

Relationship Support

Relationships require cultivation in order to grow. Our support is designed to help you evaluate your current relationship, assess the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships and learn how to map out a road for future relational success. Our resources are designed for singles and couples to help lower their risk for unhealthy relationships and life choices. Contact us today to see how we can help you!



Abortion Recovery Support

We are committed to our clients both during – and after – a pregnancy decision. We understand that few women (or men) can walk away from an abortion decision without suffering some emotional harm. Some women may struggle with depression, sadness, grief, fatigue and perhaps even self-harming behaviors after an abortion decision.

We offer abortion recovery support for women who have experienced abortion at some point on their life’s journey.

Abortion recovery support may be offered in a group setting or one on one. Support is offered free of charge and classes meet for 8-10 weeks.

Struggling to get over a past abortion? Contact us today to learn more.

It’s a new day and your time to find healing and closure.