For Men

So she said she might be pregnant...and you are wondering what to do.

Whatever your situation, here is some advice that may help you because of the critical role you play.

Make an appointment – Call us at (603) 528-3121 to schedule an appointment for a pregnancy test.

Stay Calm – Come with her to the appointment. She may be carrying the baby – but you are both parents, and the decision made will affect both of you.

Slow down and listen – The situation involves more than just you. She needs your friendship and support. Most importantly – she doesn’t want to make a choice alone!

Talk about the situation – We offer appointments with a trained advocate who can meet with you, listen to your concerns and provide answers to your questions.

Support her – Unintended pregnancy may feel like a major roadblock for both of you. Pressuring her will only push her away, possibly into a regretful situation. So be available – don’t check out. Work together as a team.

When facing an unintended pregnancy, your concerns and decisions are important. We offer a safe, caring and confidential place to talk. Aspire’s experienced staff will listen and answer your questions whether you are considering abortion, adoption or parenting.