Your friend, daughter, sister may have taken several pregnancy tests and stared at the same results – pregnant. She didn’t plan it – it just happened. Filled with fear, regret, sadness, anger and worried about disappointing YOU, she’s waited until now to tell you.

And as a parent, it’s normal for you to feel anger and disappointment. Your daughter has played out scenario after scenario in her head as she tried to find a way to share this news with you.

However you are feeling as a friend or family member, here’s some advice that might help you respond because you play a critical role in her life.

Make an appointment – At Aspire, we can confirm whether she is pregnant and provide information and resources as she considers her options. Call us at (603) 782-9010 to schedule an appointment for a pregnancy test.

  • We offer laboratory-quality urine pregnancy tests with immediate results. (Don’t worry about cost. We don’t profit from her decision – all of our services are free of charge.)
  • A positive test (including a home test) is an indication of pregnancy, but not a confirmation. The test result should be confirmed by an ultrasound exam.
  • The exam will answer 3 important questions that are critical regardless of what options she, and perhaps her partner, are considering:
    • Is the pregnancy viable – that is, is the pregnancy in the uterus?
    • Is there a heartbeat?
    • How far along is she?

Stay Calm – Come with her to the appointment. It is important that she be surrounded by people who care about her. Remain calm and help her to verbalize her thoughts and fears. What she needs most is someone safe who will listen to her and help her process how she is feeling.

Slow down and listen – If you are a parent – she needs to be reassured of your unconditional love and care for her. If you are a friend – she needs your friendship and support. Regardless – she doesn’t want to make a choice alone!

Talk about the situation – Our trained advocates are available to meet with you, listen to your concerns and provide answers to your questions.

An unintended pregnancy raises lots of difficult questions with no easy answers. Be careful not to say things, as a parent, you might regret later. Respect her, love and listen to her and connect her with resources such as Aspire who can help her find the answers and provide the support she needs during this time.