“There was a genuine kindness and respect that I felt.”

“She was very personable; not what I was expecting. My overall experience here was excellent!”

“I appreciated how they showed me respect! Thank you for being there!”

“She heard my voice, and my emotions so well because I felt she truly LISTENED to me and was able to help me get through a really tough time of talking to [the father of my baby].”

“The staff at Aspire are kind and caring – I felt very comfortable.”

Ultrasound client – “[The nurse] was amazing! I got to see my baby!”

“My advocate gave me information that I feel was more in depth than what I would have been given someplace else. You guys were great! Thank you for the help!”

“It was easy talking and getting what was on my mind said.”

“I appreciated how comfortable and welcoming it is here at Aspire.”

“[My advocate] was very nice, very concerned and friendly. I felt like I was talking to family.”

“What I liked best about my visit today was getting answers to my questions! You’re great!”

“What I liked best about my visit today was feeling comfortable to chat and knowing help is there for me.”

Ultrasound client – “Thank you for the pictures of my baby.”

Ultrasound client – “Everyone is kind and helpful here. I enjoyed seeing my baby on ultrasound…You all are very helpful!”

“I liked how nice, friendly, and non-judgmental [she] was, and the [counsel] she gave.”

Parenting class participant – “Meeting with my [advocate] and watching/learning from the DVDs and discussion with her after each presentation. Today I learned to listen more and talk less at children.”

“At Aspire – they respected me and treated me like a human!”

“What I liked best about my visit today was feeling comfortable to chat and knowing help is there for me.”

“My advocate was very understanding and helpful.”

“The staff at Aspire is amazing! I had an excellent experience here!”

Pregnancy class participant – “I felt comfortable discussing the learning materials as well as other personal issues with my advocate.”

“My advocate was very supportive, talked with me about my options, and was very comforting.”

“I felt respected as a person – not judged about my job or living situation…”

Doctor Dad™ class participant – “Material was thorough, but concise and basic, easy to retain and remember. [I appreciated] the good mix of written, oral and hands on learning, and the ability [of my presenter] to go “off script” when appropriate. [It] helped to personalize the lessons.”