Your Body. Your Choice.

Are you glad the elections are over? Me, too. But whether or not your elected officials got in, I hope you exercised your right to vote. Decisions that are important to you are best made by you – not other people making the decision for you.

Take unintended pregnancy for example. You didn’t plan to get pregnant – in fact, it’s the last thing you feel you need or want right now. But the people you thought would respect your choice are behaving in the opposite way. Your boyfriend says get rid of the problem. Your family says they won’t help you.

But you don’t want an abortion. Many women don’t. And that’s okay. No one can make you do something with your body that you don’t want to do. It is your right to control your own body.

Here at Aspire, we listen to your concerns and come alongside you to support your choice to have your baby. We offer no-cost pregnancy testing, confirmation and individualized pregnancy and parenting classes as part of our support.

Call or text Aspire today – we’d like to be a part of your vital support network and help you give your child the best start – now and beyond.