We Are Pro-Fathers, Too!!

Don’t let the Women’s Center in our name mislead you – we are pro-fathers, too! As a Dad, you face unique challenges in your important distinct role in your child’s development and future. Becoming an involved, responsible, and committed parent is both hard work as well as rewarding. Being a part of giving your child the best care, and the best start in life possible is deeply satisfying. Join us in our Fatherhood programs discovering what works and why it’s worth it.

Our excellent fatherhood resources include: The Doctor Dad™ Workshop which teaches new dads the basics of caring for an infant or toddler through sickness and in health.

The 24/7 Dad ® program takes a more holistic approach that helps you nurture good relationships with your child or children through consistent involvement as well as teaching you how to create a warm, trusting environment in which they can grow and develop. This resource will help you successfully navigate issues such as anger and co-parenting.

Give us a call today to begin your journey of being the best dad you can be!!