I Think I Might Be Pregnant!

You’ve been very careful; even using birth control! But it’s been a week since your period should have started. And…you are freaking out – what now?

It’s important to understand some facts: you can become pregnant at any time using any method of birth control. Having sex carries risks – one of those risks is pregnancy.

When you schedule an appointment with us – we will take the time you need to evaluate your situation. For instance, it’s important to know the date of your last period. While every woman is different, pregnancy may occur sometime halfway through your cycle.

You will also want to pay attention to signals from your body. Have you been experiencing nausea, frequent urination, breast tenderness or being more tired than usual? These are not exhaustive symptoms and not everyone experiences one or all of these symptoms – but they may be early signals of pregnancy.

You will also want to consider the stressors currently in your life. Home, school, work and your relationship with your boyfriend may be adding to your concerns.

We know it’s not always comfortable to review results of a pregnancy test with someone you’ve just met – but we are here for you! And even if you have had a positive home test – it’s a good idea to take a second one just to be sure of the result. We can give you accurate information, and offer a listening ear.

We can also offer a follow up ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy test result. The ultrasound will look for three things: a pregnancy in the uterus, a heartbeat, and age of the embryo / fetus.

Remember: it is important to get medical help soon if you are pregnant.

We do not profit from your reproductive choices – we are here to offer compassion and help answer your questions as you consider the next best steps for you. Call us today for a confidential appointment.