I Need A Personal Assistant!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal assistant – someone who arranges the details of your life when things get complicated?

You know – pulling an all-nighter studying for an important exam or researching a major project for the boss and, in the morning, you discover you’re out of clean clothes, don’t have time to walk the dog, much less make a lunch or return a call to your mother!

While our client advocates can’t assist you this way – they can do something else! Our trained, compassionate advocates provide a holistic approach and walk alongside you through the process of figuring out your pregnancy plans.

From the moment you schedule an appointment, a client advocate is there to help you navigate our resources. From filling out paperwork, to processing information received from our medical services (pregnancy testing, and an ultrasound to confirm a pregnancy diagnosis), to figuring out what your options are and how each pregnancy plan will affect you and/or your boyfriend/spouse/parents, our advocates are there for you!

One of many vital tools we offer is a pregnancy decision-making guide. This is a non-directive tool that allows you and your advocate to explore and evaluate all your options, equipping you to speak with the important people in your life about the pregnancy plan you are considering.

When the prospect of a pregnancy – planned or unplanned – seems too much, come in! Settle yourself in one of our comfy chairs with something soothing to sip on – and share! We will listen and offer our support.