Abortion Grief? There is Hope!

Possibly you were too young to parent a child or felt you were not ready for such a big commitment. Perhaps you were heading off to college or starting a new career. Perhaps your story included a lack of support from parents or the father of the baby; or a thousand other scenarios.

So you had an abortion. Some women who’ve had abortions admit to being relieved – at first, but then feel blindsided by the deep sadness and heartache that followed. Abortion is final. To cope, you may have stuffed your grief and never worked through the recovery process like so many women do.

You don’t have to remain in your grief and all the unhealthy ways you’ve compartmentalized it in order to cope. Abortion is a pregnancy loss and you need a safe place to grieve, to come to terms with it, and to find emotional and spiritual healing. Whether your abortion was recent or many years ago, hope and freedom are possible.

You are not alone! Let us come alongside you in this journey – no judgment. Just caring help and support in a confidential setting and there is never a charge for our services.

Are you ready for tomorrow to be a new day? Take the first step in your journey to wholeness by calling or texting today.